Francesca Cornelli

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1988-1992 Ph.D. in Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

1982-1987 Laurea in Economics, Summa cum Laude, Bocconi University, Italy.

Current Positions

Professor of Finance, London Business School.

Director of Private Equity at LBS

Previous Positions in other institutions

2000-2001 Associate Professor of Finance, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

1997-1998 Visiting Assistant Professor The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

1992-1994 Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, The London School of Economics & Political Science.

Spring 1994 Visiting Professor in the New Economic School, Moscow, Russia.

Spring 2006 Visiting Professor at ISB, Hyderabad.

Other Professional Activities and Aliations

2014-present Editor of The Review of Financial Studies

2014-present Member of the Board of Telecom Italia.

2013-present Member of the Board of Directors of the American Finance association.

2013-present Member of the Board of Swiss Re Europe and Swiss Re International.

2011 Member of the American Finance Association Nominating Committee

2011-present Member of the Academic Board of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

2010-present Member of the Board of COFIDE spa.

2009-present Director of the Coller Institute of Private Equity at the London Business School

2009-present Editor of Private Equity Findings.

2007-present Member of the Scientic Committee of the Banque de France Foundation.

2009-2013 Member of the Advisory Board of Trapezia EIS II, a private equity fund by Stargate Capital

2007-2014 Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Financial Intermediation

2003-2012 Associate Editor of The Journal of Finance

1998-2007 Member of the Board of Editors of The Review of Economic Studies.

2003-2007 Member of the Council of the Royal Economic Society

1999-present Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

1999-present Fellow of the CESifo, Munich.

1997-present Fellow of the William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan.

2002-2007 Member of the Council of the European Economic Association

2005 Member of the Search Committee for the editor of the Journal of Finance

2004 Programme Chair, Royal Economic Society Conference

2002 Member of the American Finance Association Nominating Committee

1992-1999 Research Aliate of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

1996-1998 Member of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), London.

Research Interests

Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Policy, Privatization, IPOs, Corporate Governance, Bankruptcy.

Major Publications

"Fundraising for the Arts: The Many Forms of Enlightened Self-interest" (joint with Andrea Buraschi), European Financial Management, 2013.

"Monitoring Managers: Does it Matter?" (joint with Zbigniew Kominek and Alexander Ljungqvist), Journal of Finance, 68, 431-481.

"How to Sell a (Bankrupt) Company" (joint with L. Felli), International Review of Finance, forthcoming.

"Corporate Governance and Private Equity: do LBOs have better boards?" (joint with Oguzhan Karakas), in \Globalization of Alternative Investments", World Economic Forum Working paper, The Global Economic Impact of Private Equity Report 2008.

Presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, on January 2008.

"Private Equity", Chapter 5 of EBRD Transition Report 2006, 2006, pp. 70-80, London, EBRD.

"Investor Sentiment and Pre-IPOs Markets" (joint with David Goldreich and Alexander Ljungqvist),

The Journal of Finance, 2006, vol.61, pp 1187-1216.

"Bookbuilding: How Informative is the Order Book?" (joint with David Goldreich), The Journal of Finance, 2003, vol. 58, pp.1415-44.

"Stage Financing and the Role of Convertible Securities" (joint with Oved Yosha), The Review of Economic Studies, 2003, vol.70, No. 1, pp.1-32.

"Risk Arbitrage in Takeovers" (joint with David D. Li), The Review of Financial Studies, 2002, vol.15, No.3, pp.837-68.

"Book-building and Strategic Allocation" (joint with D. Goldreich), The Journal of Finance, 2001, vol.56, No.6, December, pp.2337-70.

"Patents Renewals and R&D Incentives" (joint with Mark Schankerman), RAND Journal of

Economics, 1999, vol. 30, No. 2, Summer, pp. 197-213.

"The Capital Structure of Firms in Central and Eastern Europe" (joint with Richard Portes and Mark Schaer), in Dierent Paths to a Market Economy: China and European Economies in Transition O. Bouin, F. Coricelli and F. Lemoine (eds.), 1998, CEPR/CEPII/OECD.

"Large Shareholders, Control Benets and Optimal Schemes for Privatization" (joint with David D. Li), RAND Journal of Economics, 1997, vol. 28, No. 4, Winter, pp. 585-604.

"Ex-ante Eciency of Bankruptcy Procedures" (joint with L. Felli), European Economic Review, 1997, vol.14, April, pp. 475-485.

"Optimal Selling Procedures with Fixed Costs", Journal of Economic Theory, 1996, vol.71, n.1, pp. 1-30.

"The Theory of Bankruptcy and Mechanism Design" (joint with L. Felli) in Crisis, What Crisis? Orderly Workouts for Sovereign Debtors, B. Eichengreen and R. Portes (eds.), London: CEPR, 1995.

"Privatization in Eastern Europe: the sale of shares to foreign companies", in The Economics of Transformation: Theory and Practice in the New Market Economies, Alfred Schipke and Alan M. Taylor (eds.), Berlin: Springer, 1993.

Working Papers

"Ex ante eects of ex post managerial ownership" (joint with David D. Li).

"The Drivers of Global Patent Policy" (joint with Josh Lerner).

"Do Short Selling Constraints Matter?" (joint with Bilge Yilmaz).

"CEO Turnover in LBOs: The Role of Boards" (joint with Oguzhan Karakas).

Current Research

"The choice of ownership: Majority vs. Minority" (joint with Alexander Ljungqvist).

"Family Firms in Germany: the Eects of Private Equity Investments" (joint with Oguzhan Karakas and Eva Lutz).

"Transparency rules and their eects on earnings manipulation" (joint with Oved Yosha).

"High and Low Quality Funds: What is the dierence?" (joint with Alexander Ljungqvist and Zbigniew Kominek).

Professional Services

Member of the AFA 2011 nominating committee.

Member of the FARFE Committee for the 2011 Ross Prize.

Member of the search committee for a new editor of The Journal of Finance: 2005.

Member of the search committee for the president and fellows of the AFA: 2002.

Program Committee membership:

  • American Finance Association: 2003 and 2008.
  • Western Finance Association: 1998-present.
  • Utah Winter Finance Conference: 2001-present.
  • Financial Intermediation Research Society: 2004-present.
  • European Financial Management Association: 2004-2007, 2013.
  • European Economic Association: 1998, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2010.
  • European Econometric Society Meetings: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003.
  • European Finance Association: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2009-present.
  • Paris Spring Finance Symposium: 2008-2012.
  • Summer Research Conference in Finance at the Indian School of Business: 2007-present.


Journal of Finance, The Review of Financial Studies, American Economic Review, The Journal of Political Economy, The Review of Economic Studies, The Journal of Economic Theory, The RAND Journal of Economics, Econometrica, The Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, The Journal of the European Economic Association, The Economic Journal, The Journal of Public Economics, The Journal of Empirical Finance, Economica, Economic System, International Economic Review, European Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics.

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