Working Papers

“Corporate Governance and Private Equity: do LBOs have better boards?"

(joint with Oguzhan Karakas), in “Globalization of Alternative Investments”, World Economic Forum Working paper, The Global Economic Impact of Private Equity Report 2008.

“The Drivers of Global Patent Policy"

(joint with Josh Lerner).

“CEO Turnover in LBOs: The Role of Boards"

(joint with Oguzhan Karakas).

“Do Short Selling Constraints Matter?"

(joint with Bilge Yilmaz).

Current Research

“The choice of ownership: Majority vs. Minority"

(joint with Alexander Ljungqvist).

“Family Firms in Germany: the Effects of Private Equity Investments"

(joint with Oguzhan Karakas and Eva Lutz).

“Transparency rules and their effects on earnings manipulation"

(joint with Oved Yosha).

“High and Low Quality Funds: What is the difference?"

(joint with Alexander Ljungqvist and Zbigniew Kominek).